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Toddler Room

“Our work as adults does not consist in teaching, but in helping the infant mind in its work of development". Maria Montessori

Our Toddler room provides your child with a caring and nurturing environment. In our Montessori Toddler Room we aspire to meet the needs of each child and at some time we emphasize movement, play, manipulation, story time, music, sign language and exploration. Children are free to choose a work and proceed at their own pace. The children enjoy the sense of freedom within a secure classroom of daily routines.

The toddler room curriculum is well thought out and includes:

Language: they practice sound, rhyming words & puzzles
Socialization: they begin social membership with their peers.
Practical life: care of person, environment and using the bathroom independently.
Functional Independence: beginning and completing work cycles.
Movement: large & small motor skills
Grace & Courtesy: living in a community with others

Language is an important growth area for toddlers which changes each day in their ability to express themselves, everyday is exciting and new to a toddler. The toddler room is designed to be a transition into our Montessori Primary #1 classroom.

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